Book Donation Program


The history of the program

The author has offered a children's  book donation program since she became an author in 2013.  That program has resulted in her books being available to children in public school systems such as Detroit, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne as well as many public library systems.  Books were donated internationally to Madina Village School which is a rural primary school in Sierra Leone, West Africa serving 330 students. The school was founded by Francis Mustapha, who was born in the village of Madina.  

What you can do

Donate autographed books at $9.99 each to your favorite:

  • School
  • Club
  • Church
  • Library
  • Non-Profit Organization

If you don't wish to specify,  simply make a general contribution for the donation program that will be used for an organization of the author's choice.


  1. Author's Organization Choice: You buy book(s): Author will decide on where the book(s) will be donated. Book price is $9.99.  Author arranges book donation with the organization of choice.  A name plate with organization receiving the book and the donor’s name will be placed in each book donor purchases,
  2. Donor's Organization Choice: You buy book(s) and you decide on where the book(s) will be donated. Donor arranges book donation with their organization of choice. You may elect to have books picked up at the store or shipped to your location.  Shipping is via USPS Media Mail 2-8 Business Day delivery time and the cost of shipping varies by the number of books being shipped.  The cost of shipping is included in the price drop down menu.  Book price is $9.99.  Details of the cost may be viewed in the Cost Summary table below.




Qty       $  Book   $ Ship         Total 

   1          $9.99       3.27            $13.26

   2         $19.98      3.79           $23.77

   3        $29.97       4.31            $34.28

   4        $39.96      4.83           $44.79

   5        $49.95      5.35           $55.30

   6        $59.94      5.87           $65.81

   7        $69.93      6.39           $76.32

   8        $79.92      6.91           $86.83

   9        $89.91       7.43           $97.34

  10       $99.90     7.95          $107.85

From the author

"It is our intent to motivate children to explore their world and to offer this book as a form of encouragement; putting it in as many children's hands as possible." 

                                                            ~ Carol Butler, Author 


 PAYPAL & CREDIT CARDS - We accept payment through PayPal or credit cards via our secure PayPal gateway.   The price of the book is $9.99.  Shipping is via USPS Media Mail with delivery in 2-8 business days.  Cost varies by number of books ordered.  You may see details above in the Cost Summary Table.  We will contact you via email when we receive your donation.
CHECKS - We do not have a way of donating online when using a check.   You may simply mail us directly at Lamplighter Pond Store c/o Tom Butler, 8324 Lamplighter Court, Fort Wayne, IN 46835.  Please Include:

  1. Your name
  2. Shipping address
  3. Email address
  4. Number of books you are donating.
  5. Indicate if the check is for a donation with Author's Choice or Donor's Choice.
  6. The name of the organization if Donor's choice.
  7. Your check.  To determine the amount of the check simply view the Cost Summary Table above.
  8. We will contact you via email when we receive your donation via mail.
  9. If you have any questions, you may contact us at 260.486.6002 or via email at 
  10. Number of books you are donating.

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