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  1. Title: Mama Joe's Kitchen
  2. Author: Carol Butler
  3. Illustrator: Karin Sköld
  4. Price: $9.99
  5. Shipping: USPS Media Mail  2-8 Business Days,  Shipping Cost varies by quantity ordered.
  6. Buy Now Price:  Book Price + Shipping
  7. Age Range: From 3 years (PreK) through Adult
  8. Grade Level: Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Average – 5.6
  9. Hardcover: 44 pages
  10. Publisher: Self-Published by Author
  11. Language: English
  12. ISBN: 978-0-602-1502-4
  13. Shipping Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  14. Shipping Weight: 15 oz 

Cost Summary


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    1          $9.99       3.27            $13.26

    2         $19.98      3.79           $23.77

    3        $29.97       4.31            $34.28

    4        $39.96      4.83           $44.79

    5        $49.95      5.35           $55.30

    6        $59.94      5.87           $65.81

    7        $69.93      6.39           $76.32

    8        $79.92      6.91           $86.83

    9        $89.91       7.43           $97.34

   10       $99.90     7.95          $107.85

* USPS Media Mail 2-8 Days Delivery


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